“On the Etch” is an event which provides a platform to students who are passionate about metallurgy and material sciences to present their metallographic skills. Not only metallographic skills but also the practical thinking and logical reasoning ability of the participants will be tested in the competition. The main objectives are as follows:

1. To test the metallographic skills of students for sample preparation.

2. To test the logical reasoning ability of students by observation of microstructure of metals and alloys.

3. To make students explore more about the metallic parts used in day to day life and in industry at large scale and to explore their microstructural features by thinking at the “Micro” level.

About Event

Round 1:
Round 1 will consist of general questions like MCQs, type one word, etc based on Physical Metallurgy and process metallurgy.

Round 2:
:Round 2 will be a microstructure identification Round. All the participants will receive a microstructure 3 days prior to the event for which they have to prepare a poster/chart/any other creative method to display its details which must include its chemical composition, properties, the etchant used, applications, etc. The weightage of this round will be 40 marks and the marks will be distributed on the topics covered by the participants.

Example of a microstructure: -

The event will be held for SY and TY on two separate days.


1. Display of Microphotograph during a presentation is mandatory. Participants failing to produce the microphotograph may be disqualified.

2. Decisions made by the judges and organizers will be final and binding to all the participant teams in case of any tie.

3. Rules may be changed without prior intimation. Participants are requested to check the MindSpark’21 website ( www.mind-spark.org ) for updates.


Q. What is the team structure?

Ans. A team may consist of maximum 1 participant from any year, any branch and any institute. However, one person cannot be a part of two teams for the same event.

Q. Can I participate in other events at MindSpark’21?

Ans. You are allowed to participate in as many events at MindSpark’21 as long as you are able to manage your own schedule.

Q. Who can participate in this event?

Ans. Anyone who is keen on testing their metallographic knowledge and wants to demonstrate their skills regarding the same are welcome to participate.

Q. I don’t know how to make a microstructure or use any microscope. Can I still participate?

Ans. Yes, you can participate. Event organizers will release a small video about it, the time and venue for which will be communicated by them.


Om Bhandari
Contact no.+91 77679 51000

Varun Muthiyan
Contact no.:+91 84218 66667