A utopia is an imagined community or society that possesses highly desirable or nearly perfect qualities for its citizens. An ideal neighborhood is accessible, eco-friendly and inclusive for people of all backgrounds, age groups and physical abilities to live happy, healthy and productive lives. This event is a chance for you to design your own “utopia” in the form of a perfect neighborhood plan in pune city. design a neighborhood keeping in mind various smart solutions, sustainable measures, and inclusion of people.

Master Plan

Round 1  
Formulate Basic AutoCAD Plan consisting of Building Placements, Road Layouts, Open Spaces, Amenities, Commercial Spaces, etc.

Top 5 Plans will proceed to Round 2.

Round 2:
Detailing of Smart Applications and Final Pitch.
Smart Applications:
Detail your ideas for better living; their functioning; their impact on the people and integration on Master Plan.
Final Presentation: Scrutiny of the Theme, Revised Master Plan, and the Smart Applications in front of the Jury.



Team size:Max 5 participants per team.
Registration fee :₹ 100 per team.



1. Decisions will be made on which plan is the most inclusive, environment friendly and tech-savvy. The decision of the judges and event heads shall be considered final and binding to all.

2. The Neighborhood master Plan must be an original design by the team members. If the master plan is found to be a copy of any existing settlement, the team is subject to disqualification. Application of Neighborhood Concepts and theories will be accepted.

3. Round 1 sheets will be submitted in a pdf format (soft copy only). Round 2 presentation will be in the form of a PPT Presentation which will include the final master plan (Max 10 slides). Round 2 will be conducted on Cisco WebEx.

4. All teams must always maintain decorum. Organizers may disqualify any team that behaves inappropriately

5. Participants should be present 10 minutes prior to the commencement of event. Late teams may be disqualified

6. Rules may be changed without prior intimation. Participants are requested to check the official MindSpark’21 website www.mindspark.org regularly for updates.


Q. What should I prepare for the event?

A. You may pre-plan your ideas, themes and smart solutions which will improve your neighbourhood and make it stand out. You can also predecide your sheet format or design to use while making your presentation sheets.

Q. Is it compulsory to show a virtual 3D model during the final round?

A. No. Virtual 3D models, videos, etc. can be used to enhance your presentation but is not compulsory.

Q. What is Regional Context?

A. Regional Context will provide you an understanding of surrounding existing facilities, the demography of the residents in your neighbourhood (and their basic requirements) which will help while deciding your theme and master plan.

Q. I am taking part in another event in Mind-Spark, what happens if the timings of the event clashes?

A. We are not responsible for any clashes with time. Each event will operate by its own timeline. It’s up to you to follow it.

Q. Can students who are not Civil, Planning or Architecture students take part in UTOPIA?

A. Of course. There is no branch restriction for the event

Q. Do team members need to be from same college?

A. Yes, team members can be from any branch and any year but must be from the same college/institution. However, one person cannot be a part of 2 teams for the same event.



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