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Robotics is the branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots, as well as computer systems for their control, sensor feedback, and information processing. Virtual Robotics aims at tapping the infinite potential of the human mind to generate an idea, which when given a proper platform, can transform into a path-breaking discovery. We invite you to bring forth such original ideas and present them in a genuine and comprehensive way. These ideas deal with automated machines that can take the place of humans in hazardous environments or manufacturing processes. As mechanical techniques developed through the Industrial age, more practical applications are being proposed. This event requires you to make use of soft skills to represent ideas of any task-specific robot or technology of your choice and showcase your proficiency in the virtual world.


Soft Skills may include:

  1. 1. Simulation: It can be done in any design software capable of simulation. It may be industrial automation simulation or robotic simulation. Ex: Simulation of the robotic gripper.
  2. 2. ROS: One may write a program for a robot to complete a specific task using ROS.
  3. 3. Python: Python language may also be used for programming.
  4. 4. Animation: Animation can be done to elaborate on expected robotization or automation.
  5. 5. Matlab: Software such as Matlab can be used for mathematical modelling related to robotics/coding.
  6. 6. Image Processing: Vision sensor-based image processing for path planning, object avoidance, template matching, etc. can also be done.
  7. 7. Kinematic Motion Analysis can be done.
  8. Ex: Kinematic analysis of robotic arm.
  9. All the work you have done as part of projects in courses, your summer research work, the B.Tech./ B.E. Projects /B.Sc. the research program is welcome, subject to the condition that it has in some way contribute towards research in robotics and technology.

Team and Fee Structure

  1. Team Size : Max 2 participants per team.
  2. Registration Fee : ₹ 50 per team.


  1. 1. There are no constraints on the choice of simulation software to represent the concept.
  2. 2. Working model of the concept is not required.
  3. 3. Any application reducing human efforts or enhancing human capabilities effectively will be considered for this event.
  4. 4. Participants are required to bring their own laptops compatible with VGA projector pins.
  5. 5. Participants are required to present their ideas in a convincing manner to the jury.
  6. 6. An abstract of about 400 words (max.) has to be submitted focusing on the problem statement, the scope of work, the idea proposed, original work done and brief results & findings, latest by 29th October by 5:00 pm on
  7. 7. Last-minute entries may be allowed but not preferred.
  8. 8. Your idea will be peer-reviewed and the shortlisted entries will qualify to the final round.
  9. 9. Entries will be evaluated solely on the basis of originality, applicability and feasibility of the idea.
  10. 10. Additional credits will be given for aesthetics, ergonomics, economics, etc.
  11. 11. Shortlisted teams will have to present their full ideas during MS’21.
  12. 12. The decision of the judges would be final and binding to all.
  13. 13. Rules may be changed without prior intimation. Participants are requested to check the official MindSpark’21 regularly for updates.


Q.Can one team register with different names?

Ans. A team, once registered, cannot register again, even with a different name.

Q. Who can participate?

Ans.All students with a valid identity card of their respective educational institutes are eligible to participate. Teams will be required to show the ID cards of all of its team members during the matches.

Q.Is on the spot registration available?

Ans. Yes, teams can register on the spot.

Q.Can team members be from different colleges?

Ans. Yes, team members can from different colleges. Although one participant may not be a part of two teams for the same event.


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