ID 3D (Model Mania)


Event Objective: This event not only tests your skills in 3D designing and modelling but also the inventiveness of an engineer. Show your ingenuity at designing to become the "Champion of Intelligent Designing".

About Event

Round 1:
It consists of MCQ round and 3D CAD modeling.
MCQ Round- It will be based on general knowledge of 3D Cad modelling. It will be conducted on an online quizzing platform. 3D CAD Modeling- Orthographic views will be provided and participants will create a 3D model from it.
The qualifying team will be eligible for the next round.

Round 2:
Participants need to design a component/product based on a given problem statement. And will have to submit the 3D model file along with its 2D orthographic views. Submission will be accepted on Google Forms/ or through email.

Team Size : Individual
Registration Fee : ₹ 50 per team.


1.Undergraduate students from any college and any branch can participate. Participants are required to use Autodesk Fusion 360 as CAD Modelling software for Rounds 1 and 2.

2.Participants need to submit an f3d file of the 3D models and a pdf file of Drawing Sheets along with their fusion link in the provided Google Form.

3. Participants can be asked to upload proper screenshots of the laptop/desktop at the suggested time for scrutiny.

4. All of the entries are judged on both accuracy and time.

5.All the required submissions should be done in the given amount of time.

6. Rules may be changed without prior intimation. Participants are requested to check the official MindSpark’21 website ( regularly for updates.


Q. What is the team structure?

Ans.Individual Participiation

Q. Can I participate in other events at MindSpark’21?

Ans. You are allowed to participate in as many events at MindSpark’21 as long as you are able to manage your own schedule.

Q. Who can participate in this event?

Ans. Any undergraduate student from any branch or a non-engineering course can participate in this event.


Piyush Deshmukh
Contact no.+91 85540 97089

Yash thool
Contact no.+91 72765 19819