Campus Ambassador


  • MindSpark’s Campus Ambassador Program is where students from various colleges across the nation are shaped to become efficient managers and great leaders

  • Ambassadors not only acquire leadership skills/entrepreneurial qualities during the program, but also gain social recognition.

  • We call for ambassadors to support their constituencies, and educate them about the powerful role played by technical festivals.

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Why Become a Campus Ambassador?


Learn to associate with people. Understand and explore various technical and marketing issues and gain work experience.


Build a network with other budding minds across the nation, by collaborating and sharing ideas through our platform.


An opportunity to improve your communication and managerial skills by interacting with people coming from diverse fields and from various colleges across India.

Responsibilities Of Campus Ambassador



Putting up posters of MindSpark'21 on college bulletins and notice boards within 2-3 days of receiving them.Ensuring faculty approval for MindSpark coordinators to publicize in your college.



Ensuring keen participation of your College in various Events conducted by MindSpark.


Social Media

Publicising the events of MindSpark by sharing the posts on various social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.Forwarding the mails related to MindSpark to the students of respective college.

Pre-requisites :

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