• Code Junkie

    The objective of this event is to test the proficiency of participants in the C programming language. This event will cover all concepts related to C programming.

    EVENT DATE : October 18, 2020

    Round 1 : 10 - 11am
    Round 2 : 1 - 3pm

    PRIZE MONEY : Upto Rs. 18000/-

  • Structure

    Round 1: Round 1 will be the MCQ round of 60 min. For further details please read the instructions before attempting the quiz.

    Round 2 : The top individuals from round 1 will qualify for round 2. This round will be a coding round to be conducted on Hackerrank(Participants should have a hackerrank account). In this round, you have to complete the given coding questions within a given time. You have to submit the question and you will be judged based on the number of test cases you have passed and also based on the efficiency and time complexity of your code.


    Team Size : Individual (lone wolf) participants only.

    Registration Fee : Rs. 50 per participant.

  • Rules

    1. Maximum team size : 1 (Individual participation)

    2. Participants should be Second Year Undergraduate students or students who have cleared their 12th examination for Academic Year 2019-20.

    3. You have to write the code in C language only.

    4. Plagiarism check will be there so do not copy code from an online source, if the participant is found guilty, the participant will be disqualified from the round.

    5. Rules may be changed without prior intimation. Participants are requested to check the official MindSpark’20 website regularly for updates.

    6. In case of any disputes, the decision taken by the Event Heads will be considered final and binding to all.

  • Contact Us

    Vedant Kandge
    Contact no.: +91 76209 46021