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Genius Junior

Introducing Genius Junior: an aptitude test for grades 7th-10th, nurturing young minds' brilliance. A renowned annual program fostering future success.


Preliminary Round:

Exam Structure:
MCQ test based on Mathematics, Science, and Grammar of student’s previous year's syllabus along with questions based on Logical Reasoning and General Knowledge.

Total number of questions - 30,
Total marks – 100 (No negative marking),
Test Duration - 35 minutes.

Conduct of Exam:
This round will be conducted from 11th August 2023 to 7th October 2023 in the respective schools itself. Top 5 students from each standard per school will be selected for the final round.Interested students are required to pay Rs 50/- to participate in Genius Junior. No further fees will be charged for the subsequent rounds.

Final Round:

The final round will be conducted on ANY ONE of the three days of MindSpark’23 i.e., 27th, 28th, or 29th October 2023. It will be conducted on the campus of COEP Technological University.
Event Structure:
- This round will be conducted in two parts.
- In the first part, a guest lecture will be conducted on a topic previously not taught to the students. The students will be tested on what they are taught during the lecture.
- Marks will be allotted to the school based on the average marks of all the students of the school team. Based on this score the top schools will be selected for the second part of the final round.
- A team of four students from each top school will compete in the second part of the final round. The 4 students will comprise of the maximum scoring student per standard from the school.
For the second part, a quiz round would be conducted between the top schools selected for this round and the top 3 schools would receive the prize.

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Rules For the Preliminary Round:

1. It is an individual event and in no case will 2 or more students will be allowed to write the examination together.
2. In case of any disputes, the decision of the GJ managing committee and invigilators will be final and binding to all.
3. No cheating in any form will be allowed. In case of any misbehavior, the decision of the invigilators will be final.
4. Fees is non-refundable.

Rules For the Final Round:

1. Teams are expected to maintain decorum in the college during the final round. MindSpark team reserves the right to disqualify any team found cheating or misbehaving.
2. In case of any disputes, the decision of the event heads and the judges will be final and binding to all.
3. For updated notifications regarding the final round, participants are requested to check the MindSpark website –
4. Structure of the final round may be changed without prior notice.
5. Participants must carry their school ID card.
6. Participants must be present on time at the given venue for the final round.


1. Can a team of 2 or more participate?
ANS: No, It is an individual event.
2. Is the fees refundable if I am not able to give the preliminary round?
ANS: No, once paid, the fees is not refundable.
3. Do we have to come for all the 3 days for the final round of Genius Junior?
ANS: No, the final round will be conducted on ANY ONE day of MindSpark’23 fest. However, we would love to see you as a spectator on all 3 days.
4. Would Genius Junior arrange the transport for the final round?
ANS: No, You will have to reach COEP Tech by yourself.
... 5. Will students be given participation certificates?
ANS: Yes, everybody participating will receive an online participation certificate.
6. Will the students, who are not selected for the final round be given entry to MindSpark’23?
ANS: Yes, we would love to have you on all 3 days of MindSpark’23, but since you are not selected for the final round, you will not be allowed to participate in Genius Junior.
7. How will we receive the online participation certificates?
ANS: You will have to provide an email address during the preliminary round, where we’ll mail you the participation certificate.