TeamUp, Compete, Conquer.

Data Science

Create programming code and combine it with statistical knowledge to create insights from data.

Machine Learning

Use and develope computer systems that are able to learn and adapt without following explicit instructions.


Instrumental in data science and AI, Python is one of the best languages to master for.

Deep learning

A branch of ML, every model is a result of these small neural networks

Product Strategy
Event Structure

This competition consists of two rounds, team up or compete individually

Round 1 : (Elimination round): It will be a quiz round comprising of objectives, and code snippets. Teams will be evaluated based on their scores in an online quiz. The top 10 teams will be qualified for the next round.
Round 2 : This round is for the participants that have qualified in the first round. It will be a Hackathon. Top 10 qualifying teams will be evaluated by judges based on their performance on the given problem statement. Teams will have to give a presentation of their solution.


Team and Fees

Maximum Two participants per team.
Registration fees- INR 99

No Branch Restrictions

There is no branch restriction.

Team Structure

Two students from different colleges can be a part of the same team. However, one person cannot be a part of multiple teams for the same event.

Mandatory Registrations

Unregistered teams will not be eligible for prizes and their solution will not be taken into consideration.

Plagiarism check

Plagiarized solutions will not be considered. Teams will be disqualified if found in any plagiarism check.

Important Note

Decisions taken by the judges and organizers will be considered final and binding to all.