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Our country, inhabited by over 1.3 billion people, is undergoing a massive transition from rural to urban character. India is urbanizing rapidly offering great opportunities to build a new nation, while facing challenges in sustainable urban growth. It is a huge task to manage increasing population pressure on existing urban areas and to provide good quality of life to the residents.

About Event

Submission of sheets has to be done online. (Only 15 finalists will be selected for second round).

Visual presentation through sheets (The shortlisted participants have to get the hard copy of sheets submitted on A1 size sheets), additionally participants can add: model, 3D views, drawings.

Elimination criteria:

10 participants will be selected for round 2.

Team and fee structure:

Team size : Max 4 participants per team
Registration fee : ₹199 per team.


1. Sheets must be submitted before round 2; late entries will not be accepted.

2. All teams and their respective members should reach the event place in time. Tardiness may be considered as grounds for disqualification.

3. All teams must maintain decorum at all times. Organizers may disqualify any team that behaves inappropriately.

4. Students must bring their valid college identity cards while coming to event.

5. Team members may be from different colleges. However, one person cannot be a part of multiple teams for the same event.

6. Rules may be changed without prior intimation. Participants are requested to check the website regularly for updates.


• If number of participants are less than 20 then only 2 winners will be selected.
• If number of participants are less than 5 then only 1 winner will be selected.
• If number of participants are less than or equal to 3 then event will be cancelled.


Q. Is a team of students from different colleges allowed?
A. Yes. Team members may be from any year, any branch and any college.

Q. Is it necessary to participate as a team of four?
A. No, four is the maximum number of participants that can be a part of a single team. You can form teams of less than four members.

Q. I am taking part in another event in MindSpark, what happens if the timings of the event clashes?
A. We are not responsible for any clashes with time. Each event will operate by its own timeline. It’s up to you to follow it.

Q. I am not a civil/architecture/planning student. Can I still participate in this event?
A. Of course. There is no branch restriction for the event.


To participate in the event click on the Register Button.

Contact Us

If you have any queries regarding this event feel free to contact following :

Mangesh Satpute
+91 95112 29501

Sanyukta Thatte
+91 866 998 3791