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Concrete is an inevitable part of any type of construction. This event requires designing concrete tiles which are able to sustain maximum flexural load, which is one of the major loads acting in any structure.

About Event

Four concrete tiles should be cast which would be not more than 28 days of age on the day of the event. Winners will be decided by taking Average Ratio of Flexural Strength to Weight of the Tiles. Architectural finish of the tiles may get bonus points which will also be considered as a particular for winning criterion.

Design Specification :

Design and cast 4 concrete tiles of dimensions 300x300x25 mm; the overall thickness can be more or less by 2 mm.

Elimination criteria:

25 percent of total candidates will be selected for subsequent rounds.

Team and fee structure:

Team size : Max 3 participants per team
Registration fee : ₹ 149 per team


1. Use of admixtures and fibres is allowed.

2. The fibres should be discontinuous and randomly distributed. Steel fibres with diameter less than 1mm and other fibres with diameter less than 5mm can be used.

3. The length of the fibre should be less than 75mm.

4. Continuous fibre, mesh or plate fibres are not allowed.

5. Date of casting should be engraved on each tile.

6. The flexural strength of the tile will be tested on the Universal Testing Machine (UTM).

7. Prepare a mix design sheet (Hard Copy) showing details of every constituent of concrete used, i.e. cement, aggregate and water etc., using Indian Standards (IS) method of mix design.

8. Mention all the details very clearly about fibres and admixtures which are used (e.g. properties, source, etc.).

9. Also provide method of casting along with photographs of casting of tiles (minimum 2 photo copies).

10. Mix design sheet must be signed by Head of your Department/ Faculty Guide with the Stamp.

11. Rules may be changed without prior intimation. Participants are requested to check the MindSpark’22 website ( for further updates.

12. In case of any dispute, the decisions of the Event Heads and Judges will be final and binding to all.

13. Teams are expected to maintain decorum at all times. The organizers reserve the right to disqualify any team if found behaving inappropriately.

14. All the team members must carry their college ID cards and registration receipts.

15. One person should not be a part of multiple teams for this event.


• If number of participants are less than 20 then only 2 winners will be selected.
• If number of participants are less than 5 then only 1 winner will be selected.
• If number of participants are less than or equal to 3 then event will be cancelled.


Q. Who are allowed to participate in Conquest?
A. All Undergraduate students of any branch and any year can participate.

Q. What is the last date to start casting the concrete tile?
A. Casting must begin at most 28 days before the day of the event for better results.

Q. Which type of mix design method can be used?
A. Any type of method can be used. Mixed design should be prepared by using IS specifications.

Q. What documents should we bring while coming?
A. You must have your college ID card and Real copy of the mix design sheet having the signature and the stamp of your HoD or the Director/Principal; also your registration receipt is mandatory.

Q. What is the scoring pattern for the event?
A. The scoring will be done according to the average ratio of flexural strength to weight by testing all the 4 tiles on UTM.

Q. Is reinforcement allowed?
A. Only discontinuous fibre reinforcement will be allowed.

Q. Can students who are not from Civil Department take part in Conquest?
A. Of course. There is no branch restriction for the event.

Q. Is it possible to participate in other events of MindSpark?
A. You are free to participate in as many events as you want. However, you may need to manage your own schedule.

Q. Is embedding date of casting on the tile important?
A. Yes, when you have the same points as another participant team and if your tile carries the date of casting embedded, the result may be as additional marks in your favour.


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