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This event presents how the classroom formulae of shear force, bending moments and Castigliano's Theorems take shape. This event provides an insight into structures and their behaviour in different circumstances. The teams need to build a bridge structure based on the problem statements using the given materials.

About Event

Multiple Choice Questions.

The qualified teams should make a bridge structure for the problem statement within the given time using materials provided by the organizers. Testing of bridge will be done after 24 hours when the bridge will be dried.

Material Provided : Popsicle sticks and fevicol

Elimination criteria:

10 teams will be short listed from round 1 for round 2.

Winning Criteria:

There will be 3 winners.

Team and fee structure

Team size : Max 3 participants per team.
Registration fee : ₹ 99 per team.


1. All team members must come with valid college ID cards and registration receipt.

2. The teams need to construct the model from provided material only. No extra material will be provided. The teams must use only the material which is provided by the organizers. If the material used is other than that provided, then the team will be disqualified immediately.

3. Using materials of other participants is also strictly prohibited i.e. using extra materials.

4. One team can make only one model for proposed competition.

5. Testing of models will be done according to the serial number given to the teams at the time of commencement of the event. Hence, no team should request for their model to be tested first.

6. The decision of the judges and the organizers will be final and binding to all.

7. Team members may be from different colleges. However, same person cannot be a part of multiple teams for the same event.

8. All teams must always maintain decorum. Organizers may disqualify any team that behaves inappropriately.

9. Rules may be changed without prior intimation. Participants are, therefore, requested to check the official MindSpark’22 website ( regularly for updates.

10. Prize money may vary based on number of participants.

11. If total number of participants is less than 10 then event will be scrapped.

Special Instruction:

1. Maximum number of sticks that can be stacked together is three.

2. Sticks can be altered physically by cutting or notching at any angle.

3. Only fevicol can be used as an adhesive. Use of any other adhesive material will lead to disqualification.

4. Use of threads is not allowed.

5. Instructions regarding the dimensions of the bridge will be provided at the time of the event.

Judging Criteria:

1. Greatest load prior to failure will be the bridge's capacity.
2. Self-weight of bridge will also be taken into account.
3. Creativity of bridge design will also be used to give remarks.


• If number of participants are less than 20 then only 2 winners will be selected.
• If number of participants are less than 5 then only 1 winner will be selected.
• If number of participants are less than or equal to 3 then event will be cancelled.


Q. What is the team structure?
A. A team may consist of maximum 3 students of any year.

Q. Can I participate in other events at MindSpark’22?
A. You are encouraged to participate in as many events at MindSpark’22 as long as you are able to manage your own time schedule.

Q. What should I bring to the event?
A. The team will be provided with all the required material to take part in the event. However, teams should bring a valid college ID proof and the event registration receipt.


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