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In the determination of reaching new heights, many countries are trying to develop their own Rocket technology. Our former-president and world-renowned scientist, late Dr. A.P.J. Kalam, has made a huge contribution to rocket science.
Dr. Kalam was the project director of India’s first ever rocket, named "Satellite Launch Vehicle-III", which was successful in its very first attempt.
By exchanging information and expertise among themselves and learning from one another, scientists from other nations contribute to the advancement of technology. So, in honor of Dr. A.P.J. Kalam Sir and in gratitude to the scientific community, we are going to build our own rocket and launch it into space.

Team and fee Structure :

Team size (max): 5 participants per team
Registration fee : Rs 250 per team


• At any time, if the wire is seen to be pulling the robot, it will be considered as
• Any part of the robot extending out of the arena will lead to a violation.
• Hand touch without prior permission by the referee will cause a violation.
• AR running in the opponent's area will be considered a violation.
Every violation will cost the team -5 points. Five points will be deducted for every violation.
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Retry Rules:

• For both robots, an unlimited number of retries will be allowed.
• The operators will first have to ask the judges for a hand-touch/retry and will take the hand-touch/retry only when allowed. The AR can restart from the start zone in Zone 1 and retry zone in Zone 2 after the hand touch.
• The orientation of the robot after the hand-touch will be decided by the judges.
• The timer will continue to run in this period and the other team will continue.


General Rules:

• If the machine is stuck or rendered immobile and cannot proceed further on its own, then hand touch will be If both the robots are stuck, then hand touch is allowed only when both the manual operators want to use hand touch.
• The order of block picking and placing must be followed.
• At each hand touch, all the blocks in touch with the robot of that team (except for the ones already deposited) will be returned to their original positions.
• Blocks will be placed in their original position after retrying if they were wrongly placed.
• A maximum of five violations are allowed; any violations after that would lead to disqualification.
• Any team that is not ready at the specified time will be disqualified from the competition.
• The robot will be checked for its safety before the match and will be discarded if found unsafe for other participants, spectators, or the arena.
• The name of your robot must be prominently displayed on the robot.
• Operators can’t step onto the arena unless permitted by the judges.
• The AR operator has to operate from outside the arena.
• The judge's decision shall be treated as final and binding to all.
• The organisers reserve the right to change any or all of the above rules as they deem fit.
• Ready-made Robots are not allowed, but ready-made sensor kits are allowed.
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Safety Rules:

• It is not permitted to use fire, water, or spray chemicals. This would lead to immediate disqualification of the team.
• Jamming of RF control signals is NOT allowed. Teams MUST inform the judges about the RF signals involved in their robot during the robot's registration and before the start of the competition.
• No deliberate damage must be done to the arena. The mechanism to carry objects should NOT damage them or any part of the arena. Any damage caused after prior warning has been given will lead to disqualification. • The decision of the Mind Spark team will be considered final in the case of any dispute.



• The total game field is 4060x3100 mm.
• The game field is surrounded by walls that are 30 mm thick and 100 mm thick.
• The arena is symmetrically divided into two ideal parts for both the red and blue teams. In each part, AR Zone 1, Zone 2, start zone, retry zone, block zones, ramp.
• All objects and arena parts will be coated with vinyl sheets in their respective colors.
• The thickness of all the walls is subject to change without any prior notice.
• The color shades of the arena and the objects are subject to variation within acceptable limits.
• The dimensions of static objects in the arena may change subject to manufacturing difficulties.
• 5% bidirectional tolerance is applicable to all the static objects in the arena.
• Any changes in the arena will be communicated to participants and highlighted on the website.
Machine Specifications:
• Only one AR bot is allowed. The Robot can’t separate into two connected by just a wire.
• The combined weight of the AR (including batteries and pneumatic reservoirs) should NOT exceed 8 kg.
• The AR should fit in a box measuring 300x300x400 mm. It should fit in the AR Start zone at the beginning of the
• The dimensions of the robot may change during the course of the game.
• The AR can use an on-board power supply.
• The cost of any damage done will have to be borne by the participants. The voltage at any point on any of the robots should not exceed 24V DC. Participants can also bring their own power supply. In this case, the maximum current and voltage limits are 5 amperes and 24 volts The voltage and current should not exceed this limit.
• The pressure of the pressurised non-inflammable gases in the pneumatic reservoir should not exceed 5 bars at any stage of the
• The storage tank and pressure regulators used by teams need to be certified, and teams using pneumatics are required to produce the safety and security letters at the Registration Desk at the venue. Failing to do so will lead to direct
• Participants must be able to indicate the used pressure with an integrated or temporarily fitted pressure gauge. Also, there should be provision to check the cylinder pressure on the
• You must have a safe way of refilling the system and determining the on board
• All pneumatic components on board a robot must be securely mounted. Care must be taken when mounting the pressure vessel and armour to ensure that it does not escape if ruptured.
• The control for the machines can be wired or wireless. In a particular match, there can be only one manual operator for the MR and one autonomous operator for the AR. In the case of wireless controls, the participants are requested to use dual channel remotes so that there are no issues of interference during the control. The remote control and wires will not be included in the machine size.
• The minimum length of wire extending from the robot up to the remote should be 4 The wire should always be in slashed condition.


Q. Can I start taking photos early?
A. Yes, you can start taking photos which can cover the preparation of MindSpark’22. Remember, it’s all about creativity and uniqueness.

Q. Can I participate at the same time in two categories?
A. Yes you may participate in two categories simultaneously.
For e.g., one may participate in the mobile photo as well as the professional photo category, but you have to register those many times.

Q. Can I participate in other events at MindSpark’22?
A. You are allowed to participate in as many events at MindSpark’22 as long as you are able to manage your own schedule


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