Overview :

IoT and Industrial Augmented Reality (AR) are booming and you hear every day of new wearables, new smart objects, new IoT applications, new AR applications or even new machine learning algorithms to help make sense of data gathered through IoT.

This workshop helps you catch up the wave of IoT/AR development along with a dynamism of new solutions and applications. It will guide you through the various aspects of IoT, different opportunities and hands on development experiments.

Course :

Day 1:

  1. Introduction of IoT
  2. Various IoT Applications
  3. Introduction to ThingWorx
  4. Your journey with ThingWorx
  5. Your First project on IoT (4hrs)
  6. Bring your own idea

Day 2:

  1. PTC Products
  2. What is AR Spectrum
  3. Introduction to Vuforia Studio
  4. Your journey with AR
  5. Your First project with Augmented Reality (3hrs)
  6. Self-propelled exploration projects with AR (3hrs)
  1. For further details download the pdf.

Benefits :

  1. Hands on Sessions by experts in Industry
  2. IoT Kit will be provided to each team
  3. Tap physical things into digital world
  4. Monitor and Control physical things from IoT Apps
  5. Interactive sessions with live demo on kits as well as opportunity to build on your own ideas
  6. Introduction and training on PTC award winning IIoT Platform, Thingworx, Vuforia Studio
  7. Each Participant will get Certification

Details :

  1. Venue : College Of Engineering, Pune

  2. Workshop Fees: Rs.1100/- per participant

  3. Date : 6th & 7th October