Overview :

Drone Making Workshop is a two day workshop in which our trainers focuses on Wireless Communication Wi-Fi, Aerodynamics Learning, Drone design and Development, Basics of Programming, Drone Programming and Android Application Studies.

Course :

Day 1:

  1. Introduction:
  2. What is Aerodynamics?
  3. Skills required to build Aerodynamics model.
  4. Fundamental of Aerodynamics.
  5. Microcontroller and IO hardware
  6. Introduction to Nano-Drone.
  7. Structure Building of Drone.
  8. Types of Communication Protocol
  9. Introduction of Wi-Fi Communication Technology

Day 2:

  1. Introduction to Drone Sensor
  2. Coding for Sensor data.
  3. Coding for full Drone.
  4. Different flying modes in drone
  5. Code for Pit, Roll, yaw Stable Position
  6. Coding for Take-off and landing of Drone
  7. On Board LED Control Coding.
  8. Drone Competition Q & A Session on Aerodynamics System

Benefits :

  1. Student will be clear in Fundamental of Aerodynamics
  2. Drone Assembly and Programming Student will understand physics behind the drone design
  3. Student will be able to interface various devices with Microcontroller
  4. Student will learn how to control things via Wi-Fi
  5. Student will be able to develop their own Aerodynamics System

Details :

  1. Venue : College Of Engineering, Pune

  2. Workshop Fees: Rs.1200/- per participant

  3. Date : 15th & 16th September