Overview :

Explore the latest version of creo before anyone else. Learn modelling using CREO 3.0. This curriculum is structured to provide as much exposure to industry best practices and to the variety of models and activities that occur in product development as is possible. There are 12 exercises and each exercise is typically organized with a hands-on activity to explain the concepts, then a practice model to enforce the learning of the concepts and then a final skills assessment activity that provides another model to demonstrate the acquired skills.

Teachers who are in the classroom are the best practitioners for determining how to integrate curriculum like this into the normal classroom curriculum so that it can enhance and reinforce the standards based curriculum that is being taught. This curriculum is engaging and inspiring and gives students hands-on, active learning experiences. It has been developed and tested in real classrooms and shown to engage and inspire students.

Course :

  1. Solid Modeling
  2. Model Structure
  3. Model Analysis
  4. Assembly constraints
  5. Assembling systems
  6. Assembling mechanisms
  7. Concept development
  8. Preliminary design
  9. Creating parts & assemblies
  10. Advanced modeling
  11. A virtual laboratory
  12. Calculating stress and deflection
  1. For further details download the pdf.

Benefits :

  1. After training completion student can develop virtual 3D models of any mechanical component, assembly with detail manufacturing drawing of the same.
  2. Get to work on the latest version of creo, CREO 3.0.
  3. After training completion student can utilise this skills for inter college projects.
  4. Student can work as a CAD/Design Engineer in any Automotive or Manufacturing company.

Details :

  1. Venue : College Of Engineering, Pune

  2. Workshop Fees: ₹ 1100/- per participant

  3. Date : 6th & 7th October