Overview :

Android Application Development workshop is conceptualized by some top industry professionals in association with HT India Labs. It is going to be India's first & biggest workshop series based on this market flag bearer of cloud systems. This workshop will also provide a platform where young engineers can mould their imagination into reality and feel the excitement first hand.

Course :


  1. Introduction:
  2. Why Android?
  3. Android Overview
  4. SDK Intro
  5. Android Stack
  6. Hello World App
  7. Main Building Blocks
  8. Hello Views - Intro to different Views
  9. Basic Android UI
  10. Android System Overview
  11. Advanced UI

Benefits :

  1. Study of Android SDK
  2. Linux kernel
  3. App framework
  4. Graphics & animations
  5. Security model

Details :

  1. Venue : College Of Engineering, Pune

  2. Workshop Fees: Rs.1100/- per participant

  3. Date : 15th & 16th September