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Objective :

This is a 24-hour Makeathon to conceptualize, design, strategize and implement ingenious solutions to the toughest industrial problem statements.

Date :

15th and 16th September 2018

Event Structure :

Participating teams will have to choose one of the problem statements provided.

They can submit the abstracts up to the specified deadline before the event.

All the participating teams will be invited to implement their prototype in the given time span of 24 hours.

These prototypes will undergo various tests during this 24-hour timespan followed by the final presentation to be given to the judges.

A list of equipment and machinery available on the day of event will be declared beforehand.

The other equipment required by the participating teams will be their responsibility.

Result :

Following are the shortlisted for Makeathon :

Sushil Byayle : Fog detection

Gaurav Sonawane : Smart Helmets

Pradyumn Jakate : Smart Helmets

Vijay Chawgule : Smart Helmets

S L Chaudhari : Na-ion battery

Dhanush M : Na-ion battery

Rules :

Team , Fee Structure :

Team size : Maximum 5 participants per team.

Registration fee : ₹ 200/- per team.

Problem Statement :

FAQs :

Event Heads :

Nimish Nazirkar : +91 95271 38206

Shubham Sahasrabudhe : +91 96238 77752

Email ID : makeathon@mind-spark.org