Campus Ambassador

  • MindSpark’s Campus Ambassador Program is a program which shapes students from various colleges across the nation to become efficient managers and creative leaders.
  • Ambassadors not only acquire leadership skills/entrepreneurial qualities during the program, but also gain social recognition.
  • We call for ambassadors to support their constituencies, and educate them about the powerful role played by technical festivals.


Why become A Campus Ambassador?

Act :
Understand and explore various technical and marketing issues encountered, in depth.
Learn :
Learn to associate with people and gain work experience.
Build : 
Build a network with other budding minds across the nation, by collaborating and sharing ideas through our platform.
Improve :
An opportunity to improve your communication and managerial skills by interacting with people coming from diverse fields and from various colleges across India.


Internship Opportunity :
This will be given to top Campus Ambassadors, decided based on the amount of work done for MindSpark.
Events :
Campus ambassador gets two free event registrations in MindSpark’18.
Certificate : 
An official certificate of appreciation will be given to all Campus Ambassadors.
Exciting Goodies : 
There are a variety of coupons, vouchers and other exciting goodies to be won.

Accommodation :
Accommodation will be provided to the top campus ambassadors during the technical festival, MindSpark.


Publicity :
Putting up posters of MindSpark'18 on college bulletins and notice boards within 2-3 days of receiving them.
Participation :
Ensure keen Participation of your College in various Events conducted by MindSpark, in COEP or in your College or City.
Social Media :
Publicising the events of MindSpark by sharing the posts on various social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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