Your first step towards IoT Professional Developer

IoT is booming and you hear every day of new wearables, new smart objects, new IoT applications or even new machine learning algorithms to help make sense of data gathered through IoT. This workshop helps you catch up the wave of IoT development along with a dynamism of new solutions and applications. It will guide you through the various aspects of IoT, different opportunities and hands on development experiments. PTC is an acclaimed visionary and industry leader that provides an award winning Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions platform, Thingworx. The workshop will provide a glimpse into the entire technology stack that enables the industry to build production ready IIoT Application within days. Discover how easy it is build complex industrial applications straddling data collection, visualization and analytics.




A. What is Internet of Things? (45 min)
a. Introduction
b. IoT Architectures
B. Building IoT Network (75 min)
a. Sensors, Actuators, MEMS
b. Smart Objects, SANETS, WSNS
c. Connecting IoT Devices Over Wireless with IEEE 802.15.4
d. Family of Protocols, Amendments - ZigBee, LPWANs, LoRaWAN
e. Home IoT Network – NFC, Bluetooth, WIFI, IPV6 – adaptations
f. Management Protocols – CoAP, MQTT, SCADA
g. Security
C. Beginning of your journey with IoT (Hands –on) (3 hours)
a. Instructor led step by step project
b. Hardware Setup and Data Collection
c. Overview of hardware board and companion networking board
d. Hands on with Sensors/Programming
e. Project with Sensors and data collection
D. Your journey with IoT (Hands-On) – Making sense of the Data (3 Hours)
a. Introduction to PTC ThingWorx IoT Platform – How PTC ThingWorx solutions reduce the time, cost, and risk required to build innovative Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications
b. Project - Create remote thing in ThingWorx. Add properties that match with sensors.
c. Build an IoT application using the revolutionary Mashup Technology


A. Thingworx IoT Application Demo (1 hour)
B. Your journey with IoT (Hands-on) - Harnessing the data from IoT Network. (2 hours)
a. Thingworx Analytics – Introduction to Anomaly Detection
b. Analytics, Big Data, Machine Learning
c. Edge, Fog Computing
C. Industry Applications Overview (1 hour)
a. Manufacturing
b. Transportation
c. Smart City
d. Public Safety
D. Self-propelled exploration projects with IoT (4 hours)
a. Build your own IoT project
i. Choose from curated sample projects
ii. Bring your own idea
b. Collect the Sensors data
c. Build IoT Applications using the data.
d. Analyze the data from sensors


• Hands on Sessions by experts in Industry
• IoT Kit will be provided to each team
• Tap physical things into digital world
• Monitor and Control physical things from IoT Apps
• Interactive sessions with live demo on kits as well as opportunity to build on your own ideas.
• Introduction and training on PTC award winning IoT Platform, Thingworx
• Each Participant will get Certification.


Workshop will be first step towards journey of thousand miles in the field of professional IoT development landscape. It will give good overview of domain and future prospects in the field of IoT.


₹ 1100/- per participant


21st and 22nd September, 2019 – College Of Engineering, Pune.


Mansi Patil: +91 77758 50788