1. Learning and hands-on experience through Workshops.
2. Give Career direction to Information Security Enthusiast.
3. Grabbing the best of 3 Internships.
4. Future Career opportunities.
5. Certificates and prizes.




Cyber Ethics (0.5 hours)

Hackers and Hacking Methodologies
Types of Hackers
Communities of Hackers
Malicious Hacker Strategies
Steps to conduct Ethical Hacking
Hiding your identity while performing attacks

Wireless Security (1.5 hours)

Wireless Protocols
Identifying the attack
Identifying the attacking methods
Cracking wireless routers password(WEP)
Securing routers from hackers

Mobile, VoIP Hacking & Security (1.0 hours)

SMS & SMSC Introduction
Analyzing types of messages
Sending & tracking fake SMSes
Identifying forged messages
Identifying the calling methods : VoIP
Configuration Logs
Identifying the forged calls
Tracing back the forged call

Email Hacking & Security (0.5 hours)

How phishing works
How hackers make fake pages
How key logger works
Social engineering techniques

Information Gathering and Scanning (0.5 hours)

Who is Information
Trace Route
Info Gathering using blogs & forums
Info Gathering using search engine
Info Gathering using meta tags & words
Info Gathering using job portals
Info Gathering using people search
Info Gathering using scanning websites
Info Gathering using espiders
Info Gathering using web archive

Android Hacking Security (1.5 hours)

Basics of android security model
Understanding of android malwares
Getting all info (call logs, SMSes, SD card data)
Exploiting an android phone with malware
Sending all data to server
Antivirus Evasion


Web Application & Security (6 hours)

Introduction to web architecture
Security Misconceptions
Web application vulnerabilities
SQL Basics
Authentication bypass vulnerability
Code injection
Union based injection
Error based injection
Cross site scripting vulnerability
Cross frame scripting vulnerability Cross site request forgery
Session Hijacking attacks
Input validation vulnerability
Remote code execution
Local file inclusion vulnerability
Remote file inclusion vulnerability
Bypassing the security
Testing the web applications firewalls
Types of control panels
Uploading control panel
Setting up file/folder permissions
Analyzing the logs
Log filtration

Introduction to Cyber Crime (0.5 hours)

Types of cyber crimes
Report cyber crimes

Cyber Forensics(2.0 hours)

Intoduction to cyber forensics
Examination rules
Forensic examination of digital media
Digital investigation methodologies
Analyzing the evidences
Data collection
Data recovery
Analyzing the data

Investigation methodologies (1.0 hours)

Different logging systems
Investigating emails (Email tracing)
Ahmedabad bomb blasts terror mail case
26/11 Mumbai bomb blast case
Investigating data theft cases
Cyber law & IT Act, 2000

Google Hacking (0.5 hours)

Using google as hacking tool
Advanced operators of google
Finding vulnerable websites using google
Finding target networks using google

System & Network Hacking (0.5 hours)

Examining system privileges
Enumeration of networks
Privilege escalation
Sniffing network packets
Analyzing the packets

Trojans, Backdors (1.0 hours)

Control victim’s computer
Binding trojans with another file
Undetection of trojans
Identifying the running applications
Identifying the trojans ,virus
Identifying the logs
Counter Measures


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Techdefence Labs


21st and 22nd September, 2019 – College Of Engineering, Pune
24th and 25th August, 2019 – Nashik


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