• Torquest

    - in association with Astronomy and Science Club, COEP

    This is an Astronomy and Science Quiz which tests one's conceptual ability as well as regular updates in astronomical and scientific discoveries . Participants with keen knowledge and passion about both the fields will have higher rate of success and a curiosity satisfying experience . We believe in curiosity hence, No restrictions are provided with the educational streams, anyone from any educational background may participate in the Torquest. Let your curiosity be ready with it's battle gear !!!!

    EVENT DATE : November 1, 2020

    ELIGIBILITY : UG students

  • Structure

    Round 1: Elimination round on decided platform, with no multiple-choice questions. No negative marking.

    Round 2 : Top individuals will be selected for the final round, the details of which will be disclosed on the spot.


    Team Size : Individual (lone wolf) participants only.

    Registration Fee : Rs. 50 per participant.

  • Rules

    1. Quiz master’s decision will be final and binding to all.

    2. Use of any form of cheating, Google or the internet is strictly prohibited. Any team found in such an act will be disqualified at the very moment .

    3. Participants should carry their registration receipts, in case asked to produce one.

    4. Rules may be changed without prior intimation. Participants are requested to check the official MindSpark’20 website regularly for updates.

    5. In case of any disputes, the decision taken by the organizers will be considered final and binding to all.

    6. Participants should ensure a good internet connection, laptops, electronic tablets, mobile devices etc. Organizers will not be responsible for internet lag, or technical issues faced by the participants.

    7. In case of any technical issues, participants to inform the organizers on the given contact numbers.

  • Contact Us

    Ruchira Mithey
    Contact no.: +91 87889 01092

    Rucha Pendharkar
    Contact no.: +91 95526 11443