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Imbibing Technacy.


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MindSpark is the national level, annual technical festival of College of Engineering, Pune. Since its inception in 2007, MindSpark has grown manifold to become one of the best platforms for young minds to think, innovate and showcase their talents. Being a completely student-organized festival, we believe in practical learning. Now, in our 12th edition, we have 55+ events, both technical and non-technical, divided over 12 modules. We aim to spread state of art technology across all demographics, which we accomplish by conducting various workshops across the state. MindSpark receives a footfall of more than 20,000 every year. The Keynote lecture series is one of the most coveted features of MindSpark, where several prominent personalities from different disciplines, deliver eloquent lectures. We, at MindSpark, believe that the youth has certain responsibilities towards the society, and we aim to fulfill those through our social initiative, Paakhi.

MINDSPARK'18 in Stats

Events 55+
Footfall 20000+
Modules 12+

Imbibing Technacy.

28 Sept 2018 - 30 Sept 2018

Since it's outset in 2007, MindSpark, in search of a better tomorrow has continuously promoted ideas to foster technological advancements. In the previous edition, MindSpark hoped to bridge the rural-urban divide to engineer an ideal utopian civilization. Last year, in its twelfth edition, we aimed to take a step towards that dream. We seeked to promote an integrated approach to solve the various facets of today's technological limitations and cater to the growing needs for scientific demands. MindSpark believes that the holistic understanding of technology in relation to the creation, design, and implementation of a task can create a myriad of possibilities with creative solutions to real life complexities.

About COEP

Established in 1854, College of Engineering Pune is one of the premier engineering colleges in India. Over the years, it has been instrumental in making Pune the "Oxford of the East". COEP aims at providing its students a platform for all-round development. The college has produced one of the greatest engineering minds and is known for its thinking and innovation that has challenged and changed the existing engineering norms. As a firm believer in holistic education, COEP encourages extra-curricular activities and provides students with multifaceted buildout. COEP lives by the values of Strength, Truth, Endurance, Ethics and Reverence for all; and a firm belief in these values have equipped its students to transcend boundaries.