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"Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking leads to knowledge, and knowledge leads to growth."

MindSpark is the national level, annual technical festival of College of Engineering, Pune. Eleven years ago, a spark was ignited among a group of bright engineers and since then, this spark has grown manifold, continuing to ignite minds across the nation. MindSpark is now one of the biggest technical festivals in the country, providing a platform for young engineers to think, innovate and showcase their talents.

Being a completely student organised fetsival, we believe in practical learning. With our thoughtfully crafted events and workshops conducted across the state, we wish to shape young minds and direct them towards finding creative solutions, that will lead to a better tomorrow.

MindSpark has grown to receive a footfall of over 20,000 every year. The Keynote Lecture Series is one of the most coveted features of MindSpark. Several prominent personalities from different disciplines have been instrumental in inpsiring young minds through their keynote lectures. As we enter a new decade, MindSpark wishes to raise the bar and take up the responsibility of providing a new facet to technology, which safeguards the interests of our future generations. We invite you to share our vision and be a part of the legacy that carries forward technical excellence.

"A Utopian Society creates the notion of a society, where the way of life has qualities which tend towards perfection"

Throughout its previous editions, MindSpark has strived to foster the growth of technology, and ensure that innovative ideas see the light of reality. MindSpark has always believed in technology for all. Not oblivious to current problems, we are confident that advancing technology holds the key to solving them. With this edition, MindSpark sets on an endeavor to sync human needs and engineering. We believe that with the freedom of fulfillment of human potential, we can create technology that aims at achieving a perfect society. MindSpark hopes to bridge the rural-urban divide, and ultimately engineer an ideal civilisation which is a culmination of technology, values, culture, and emotion. Join us, as we embark in the direction of this technological utopia.

Mindspark'17 - Towards Techno-Utopia


"Art without engineering is dreaming."

Established in 1854, College of Engineering, Pune has a rich history and has been recognized as a centre of excellence. Set at the confluence of the rivers Mula and Mutha, it has been instrumental in making Pune the "Oxford of the East". It is currently ranked as one of the top engineering institutes in India. COEP has a history of producing graduates who have gone on to challenge existing norms and usher radical reforms in their respective fields. It is making a headway in its path towards becoming a world class institute with all-round excellence. COEP has always believed in holistic education, and the wide array of technical as well as non-technical activities sets its students a class apart. The institute continues to recieve unwavering suport from its widespread alumni network, and encourages every activity taken up by the students. COEP lives by the values of Strength,Truth and Endurance and a firm belief in these values has equipped its students to transcend boundaries.